25 Ways To Drive More E-commerce Store Traffic Without Buying Ads


Do you want to encourage consumers to buy from you or searching ways how to drive traffic towards your online store? 

Below, you will find 25 different ways to drive more traffic to your e-Commerce store.

Make your reviews stand out –

70% of customers view reviews or ratings before purchasing. As a bonus, review pages also reach the peak of search results more efficiently than product pages.

Begin a Referral Program –

Initiate a referral program is a simple way to utilize existing customers as well as drive traffic to your eCommerce site.

Incentivize current customers and blog followers for sharing products with their friends as well as a family via social media and email.

Start Blogging –

The simplest way to drive traffic to your store is to start a blog. Since search engines love websites that are updated on a usual basis, a blog may aid you to rank higher in search engines.

start a blog


Email marketing –

Email marketing is a vital component of every business. But it’s even more essential for your eCommerce store.

Email marketing

Offer free shipping –

More than 50% of consumers have added more to their cart to qualify for free shipping, as well as 45% of shoppers say they would abandon a cart if shipping isn’t included. Consumers don’t like to pay for shipping, as you have a chance to use that to your gain.

Submit Guest Blogs –

While producing unique content on your eCommerce site is essential for engaging loyal customers and attracting new people to click on your website, do not undervalue the power guest posting has on your site traffic. It helps in backlinks creation, and this is the part of Ethical SEO. 

Be Active on Social Media –

A social media presence is a necessity these days. It’s one of the most excellent ways to spread the word about your online store. Be active as well as engage in the conversation with others. Ask questions, leave comments on their posts, reply to your comments and be social.

Convince customers by upselling and cross-selling –

Upselling persuades customers to purchase higher-end products. For example, sellers suggest customers buy a premium brand of alcohol while it is not specified.

Cross-selling, on another hand, is to append another product. For example, asking a customer about buying ice cream with a cake for a better cost.

Convince customers by upselling and cross-selling

Build trust –

19% of shoppers abandon a buy as they don’t trust the security of the online payment system. It’s crucial to display your security badges highly on your site.

Collect data everywhere –

If you want to build your email list as well as target customers for repeat sales, you need their information. Gather it by email, wish lists, back-in-stock notifications — ask for it everywhere.

Premium Content –

Consider publishing item reviews, tutorials, news pieces, as well as other informative articles that will encourage people to visit your site. People love to search for worth content, particularly while it relates to their buy decisions.

quality content is king

Take Benefit of Comparison Engines –

You may use Comparison engines to your benefit as well as submit your store or individual products. People who are utilizing comparison engines are the perfect audience to promote your product as they are incredibly interested in purchase and are searching for the best deal.

Update Your Email Signature –

Including a link to your store take a few minutes and is free advertising whenever you press send in your email inbox. You may link directly to your shop’s main page or a specific category or a popular product. The choices are limitless, so be sure to take a minute to update your email signature.

Go Offline –

You may drive traffic to your online store even with offline marketing tactics. You could also pass around flyers that showcase a few well-liked products as well as include your store’s website.

offline marketing

Work With Influencers –

Identify key influencers in your niche as well as work on establishing a relationship. You may then provide them with free samples of your product and ask them to promote it or offer the best review on their social media profile.

Influencer marketing

Run a Giveaway –

Consider running a giveaway to draw more people to your store. The premise behind the giveaway is simple: the more people participate and aid you spread the word about your giveaway, then good chances are to win the prize, and the more traffic you may expect to see in your store.

Grow eCommerce traffic with Instagram –

Boasting almost 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is rapidly turning into an eCommerce juggernaut. The confirmation that Instagram is the place to spend for eCommerce business came in the form of its announcement.

Referral marketing –

Referral marketing is still very significant, and we are still affected by word of mouth. Especially while it comes to online shopping, we often purchase what a friend also bought and liked.

Showcase your best sellers –

Online shopping may be overwhelming. Too many choices may even deter visitors. Provide your visitors with some direction via listing your top-selling items on your page. Amazon does this well.

Incorporate chat –

80% of shoppers require help at some point during the purchasing process. Chat Conversation has taken the lead as the preferred channel for customer service.

Create urgency –

Urgency provides a compelling reason to purchase. Visitors who leave your site without purchasing, planning to come back later, rarely complete the sale.

Offer a rewards program –

80% of your future profits will come from your 20% of your current customer base. Put another way: 20% of your existing customers will be responsible for eight out of every ten of your future sales.

Leverage data –

Website and customer data may aid you to generate strategies that will bring more traffic.

Optimize for search –

Both Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization has become integral to the success of an online retailer these days. E-commerce SEO is essential nowadays. 

Mobile Optimization –

Remember that a considerable percentage of entire eCommerce shopping is now performed on smartphones. Online store SEO should also be performed for successful online business.  90% of the time people are utilizing their phones; they’re using an app like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat. 

mobile optimization

We have seen rapid growth in traffic after applying all the above steps to the e-Commerce store. Try them today. Or we will be happy to help you.

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